Draft Intel 2023 Update: Your Fantasy Draft's Secret Weapon Just Got Better

Use Draft Intel (updated for 2023!) to analyze your league's draft history for patterns and trends, and then bring those patterns into the Draft Simulator for truly realistic mock drafts.

Draft Intel 2023 Update: Your Fantasy Draft's Secret Weapon Just Got Better

Last year, we unveiled Draft Intel which gave you a deep dive into your league mates' drafting history: their patterns, tendencies, and drafting strategies and made your mock drafts feel like your real drafts.

This year, we're excited to build on Draft Intel and make it even better.

New: League Patterns

With League Patterns, see the big-picture trends that happen across your leagues' drafts and plan your draft strategies at a higher level.

See how your league values different positions and rookies, and who's going to reach for players from their favorite team!

Get a sense of what positions come at a premium, when the first QB is likely to come off the board, and which managers avoid backup TEs.

Use Draft Intel to get ahead of your league.

New Tendencies Revealed

This year, we're taking an even deeper dive into your league's drafting history and are excited to introduce new drafting patterns that will be found in your drafts.

See things like:

  • who may over-value QBs with their picks
  • how your league mates feel about rookies
  • who might be over-drafting players from their favorite team

Mock Against Your League's Intel

Gain an edge in your draft by finding value from your leagues' drafting history.

Draft Intel will automatically apply enabled patterns for you to mock draft with in the Draft Simulator.

The bots you draft with will combine our pick algorithm with your league's patterns to create mock drafts that feel like your real drafts.

Toggle individual patterns on/off in the Draft Intel page to experiment with different strategies and prepare for any direction your draft might go.

Get Your Draft Intel Today

Check out the updated Draft Intel to analyze your league's draft history and draft against your league's patterns today!