Custom Betting Systems

Betting Systems are the easiest way to discover the most profitable bets, and it's now easier than ever to find the right bet to make with our newest update. Create your own Betting System today!

Custom Betting Systems

Introducing the Latest Betting Systems Update: Custom System Builder & More!

Ever wanted to know just how much home versus away could impact the outcome of a game, let alone a specific bet?

How about the weather? The opposing pitcher? If the game is on turf or natural grass? What about the referee assignment?

With this major update to Betting Systems in the BettingPros app, you can see all of this... and much more. With over 20,000 systems already available, it's never been easier to see what factors make for a profitable bet.

That is, it's never been easier until today.

Custom System Builder: Find Your Winning Strategy

Enter the Custom System Builder.

The Custom System Builder empowers you to create your own Systems by selecting specific game and player parameters across major sports and markets.

Organized into intuitive steps—Odds, Matchup Details, Time Period, and Game Factors—you can now craft your own Betting System from thousands of unique combinations to develop a personalized betting strategy.

Create a custom system, have it analyzed for Win % and ROI, and publish it to see its associated bets.

Custom Systems will be shared and discoverable alongside pre-generated Systems - with the exception that you'll get credit for your creation! Share your System with your betting circles and profit together.

New System Dashboard: Simplify and Optimize

The new System Dashboard is designed to streamline your experience.

Easily view all of your Custom Systems in one place. Keep track of upcoming, pending systems and all published systems in the new Custom Systems tab.

This centralized hub ensures you have all your systems at your fingertips, making it simpler than ever to refine and optimize your bets.

Enhanced Filtering and Sorting: Precision at Your Fingertips

We've added more filtering and sorting options to improve your experience with finding Systems that meet your needs:

  • Matchups Filter: Narrow down Systems by specific matchups.
  • Connections Modal: Easily view followers and connections within each system profile.
  • Timeframe Dropdown: Filter systems by performance over the current month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months to see recent performance of each System.
  • Win Percentage Sorting: Sort systems by win percentage, making it easier to identify high-performing systems.

System Pick Cards: Discover Top Picks Effortlessly

To make it even easier to find the best system picks, we're introducing System Pick Cards in Matchup and Picks Tabs.

Each game's matchup view now features a Systems Tab with new System tiles that highlight picks with the best odds.

Additionally, the new System Picks section on the Picks Tab showcases some of the most profitable systems with upcoming picks. This addition is designed to assist you in identifying profitable picks quickly and effectively.

Discover Endless Betting Possibilities

Explore endless Systems and strategies to discover the top betting trends with the updated Betting Systems Tool.

Check out the Betting Systems Update today!

*Custom Betting Systems are live in the iOS BettingPros App at the time of this post, and will be live in the Google Play BettingPros App within the coming days.

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