Find Profitable Bets Easily With the New Betting Systems Tool

Explore endless possibilities and strategies to discover the top betting trends with the new BettingPros Betting Systems Tool. Thousands of back-tested systems and growing!

Find Profitable Bets Easily With the New Betting Systems Tool

Home vs. Away.

Favorites vs. Underdogs.

Overs vs. Unders.

With the new Systems Tool by BettingPros, you can analyze how all of these affect sports betting outcomes... and then some.

*New Systems Tool Available in the BettingPros App. Download or update now!

Introducing: Betting Systems

Systems allow you to drill into all of the important factors that play a role in which team covers, who goes over on their prop, and what bet to place.

We've created thousands of back-tested systems that span the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAAF, and NCAAB, and span across all major markets.

Take a deep dive into a System's Dashboard for historical insights, quick summaries, and customizable timeframes.

Dive into our extensive library of over 12,000 back-tested systems (and growing) to see which have been the most profitable, and by how much.

Easily determine which system is just a fad to fade, and which have stood the test of time.

Follow any systems that you like and use them again later.

Find Your Next Bet

Every system shows all previous qualifying bets for your consideration, as well as all upcoming bets that meet the system's criteria.

Upcoming bets are automatically added to each system for you to take action on.

Tail or fade bets directly from a System's dashboard, and be sure to shop the sportsbooks to get the best line.

Way, Way More to Come

Our Betting Systems, and ways to discover, filter, and use them, are ever-growing.

Many of the current systems cover matchups, spread, and over/under markets for popular sports and player props.

We'll be adding many more systems over time and ways to dig deep into nuanced but important factors.

We'll be answering questions like:

  • Which teams benefit the most when home vs away?
  • Which teams cover the spread the most?
  • How profitable were last year's hitters with at least 20 doubles on the season, with a plus money doubles prop line, while batting at the top 10 favorable parks for hitting doubles, when facing the top 15 pitchers who gave up the most doubles?

It turns out they were pretty profitable.

And Even More Coming Soon

As we continue to build out our pre-made systems, we're already working on what's coming next.

That's right, soon you'll be able to build your own Systems.

Create your own system to dive deep... real deep... into what makes a profitable bet.

Choose the sport, the teams, the players... but also the weather, the venue type, and, when available, even the referee assignments.

We'll automatically back-test your systems to see how well it has performed in the past, and over time, show you which wagers fall into its category.

But, that's a conversation for another day.

Check Out Betting Systems Now!

Betting Systems are available to view on our website, and for a more detailed experience, within the BettingPros app.

And, be sure to follow our Product Blog for all of the latest news, updates (including for future Betting Systems updates!), and helpful hints on how to win more.