Create Winning NBA Parlays With the Same Game Parlay Tool

New: Same Game Parlay Tool! Crush your NBA parlays with our new Same Game Parlay Builder!

Create Winning NBA Parlays With the Same Game Parlay Tool

Looking for a way to place smarter, more strategic Same Game Parlays?

Enter the BettingPros Same Game Parlay Builder.

The Same Game Parlay (SGP) Builder is your go-to tool for creating, analyzing, and refining your next SGP.

Here's a glimpse into how it can help you win more bets.

Building Your Same Game Parlay

Making Your List

Choose how many legs you want your SGP to be, and begin to string together your parlay using advanced metrics to find the best bets.

Once the first leg is selected, each bet leg is assigned a correlation grade backed by our advanced betting algorithm. A higher correlation grade indicates a stronger relationship between each parlay leg.

Correlation scores update in real-time based on the legs you add, offering immediate insight into your parlay.

Feeling stuck? The Builder will serve up recommendations for bet legs or to fill out the rest of your parlay.

Checking It Twice

See how likely your parlay is to hit with our SGP evaluation.

Get implied odds, estimated payout, cover probability, and overall correlation.

The implied odds and estimated payout are calculated based on our correlation model, which may differ from the actual odds offered by sportsbooks.

Analyze your SGP, add and remove legs, and find the right winning combination for you.

Find Out Whose Parlays Are Naughty or Nice

See what everyone else is cooking up with the User Parlay Feed to catch what SGPs have been placed recently by fellow bettors.

Get an idea of what SGP and legs are popular, and if the odds are in your favor.

Available Now

The Same Game Parlay Tool is available for the NBA and will offer additional support later this year.

Use the SGP Tool to build and win your NBA SGPs now!