[7/12/2021] Draft Wizard: Get Useful Pick Insights During Your Turn

Make better draft decisions with alerts for opposing teams' roster needs and tier-based player availability.

[7/12/2021] Draft Wizard: Get Useful Pick Insights During Your Turn

There's a lot of information to keep track of during your draft: who's still available, players you're looking to target, how many other teams are in need of similar players... the list goes on. While Draft Wizard helps with alleviating a lot of the stress during your draft, we are continuously looking to make your life easier (and your draft results better).

We just launched a new Draft Wizard feature that aims to make drafts less stressful for you. It's called Pick Insights, and it will give you useful information to not only help you save time but be better informed when it's your term to pick. It's currently available in the Mock Draft Simulator and will be added to the Draft Assistant soon.

It works like this:

  • From round 4 onwards, when it's your turn to pick you'll be shown a "Pick Insights" display in the lower right corner of the Draft Wizard draft room. You can click to expand it to see them.
  • We'll show you the number of teams that need a starting QB before your next pick.
  • We'll also show you the number of teams that need a starting TE before your next pick.
  • Additionally, if there are only a couple (1 or 2) players left in a player tier from your cheat sheet, we'll let you know.

For example, if you're drafting from the 6th position, there are 6 other teams that will pick before it's your turn to pick again.

If 5 of those teams need a TE, we'll let you know. This will help you make the decision on whether you should take a TE now, or wait, knowing that potentially 5 more TEs may be gone by the time it comes back to you.

In another example, if you have 5 RBs assigned to tier 3, and only 1 is left, we'll let you know during your pick – do you take that last tier 3 RB now, or (likely) take the step down to a tier 4 RB on your next pick?

The goal is to improve your decision making by giving you a heads up to potential trends and highlight roster needs prior to your next pick.

Give it a try in the Draft Wizard Mock Draft Simulator today and let us know what you think.