[8/6/2021] Brand New Draft Analyzer for Fantasy Football

The Draft Analyzer has been completely overhauled for 2021, with a fresh look and feel, and a slew of new features, including draft insights, expert opinions of your draft, pick analysis, and more!

[8/6/2021] Brand New Draft Analyzer for Fantasy Football

"How'd I do in my draft?" That's everyone's burning question once the picks are in.

It's one of the key benefits of Draft Wizard, as it helps you understand what you  did well and what you could've done better in your mock draft simulations and  your real drafts (hopefully, not much).

We just launched a complete overhaul of the Draft Analyzer, which not only brings refreshes overall design but adds a slew of exciting new features to help you draft even better (yes, it turns out, it is possible!)

The New Summary Tab

The newly designed Summary tab is the first thing you'll seen when analyzing draft results. You'll get an overview of your team's Overall score compared to that of the other teams, with breakdowns for Starters and Bench.

Additionally, you'll see how your team stacks up at each position, giving you a quick overview of where you did well and where you may need to improve.

Draft Insights: Your Performance Narrative

A significantly enhanced feature, the new Draft Insights will give you information on how well you did throughout your draft, with highlights for things like your top player, bye week issues, players you drafted significantly later than when they are ranked (steals), and what if scenarios (i.e. if you had drafted player X instead, you would be projected to perform better).

Additionally, you'll be shown the expert which likes your draft results the best – a great way to dig deeper into the rankings and find which experts you may like (or, really, like you).

Expert Opinions: Who Do You Love?

At the end of all drafts, you'll see how our in-house cadre of experts (Tags, Yates, Dan, and Joe) rate your draft results. Now, with the Expert Opinions view (premium only), you'll see what the other experts think.

You'll see the 5 experts that like your draft results the most, along with the 5 experts who least like your results. The players that most align or differ from their rankings will also be displayed.

This gives you an opportunity to figure out why certain experts, that you thought you knew (who really knows them, anyway?) gave you a thumbs down for your draft, and vice versa.

Steals, Reaches, Value Picks

The new Steals & Reaches tab will not only show you, well, steals (players drafted 2+ rounds after their ranking) or reaches (players drafted 2+ rounds before their ranking), but also highlight your targeted players (based on your cheat sheet tags).

You can view this by team, round, or position to get a better understanding of how much value you were able to extract (or if you overpaid) during the draft.

Pick Analysis: What If?

The brand new Pick Analysis tab (premium only) breaks down a variety of "what if?" scenarios: If you drafted these 2 players instead of 2 that you did select, how would your team have improved?

You can click through and see what your roster would look like with the "what if?" players inserted into the lineup.

Team Strengths: Breakdown by Roster Position

The updated Team Strengths view will let you know how each player in your starting lineup stacks up league-wide along with a fancy spider chart graphic to break down your starters and bench positions.

The table at the bottom highlights your roster as they are ranked for each position, so you can see, relatively speaking, how each player rates compared to the rest of your league.

Pick the Experts for Your Analysis

One other great new functionality is the ability to select which experts are doing your analysis (premium only).

Instead of breaking it down by ECR, you can, for instance, elect to have your analysis done only by Top 10 or 20 experts in 2020 draft accuracy, a set of experts from a specific website/publication, or your own custom list of experts.

Draft, Analyze, Draft Again = Winning Championships

The best way to improve is to understand what you could've done better and try again with that information. Iterate until you're happy with the results. That's the way to mock draft your way to championships with Draft Wizard.

Run some mock draft simulations and check out the new Draft Analyzer. You can also import your existing drafts (including mock drafts from other sites) and let the Analyzer show you how you did.

We want to know what you think – either fill out the short survey when it is displayed on your screen or contact our team and let us know.

Get it!