[7/23/2020] Cheat Sheet Creator: New Look and Feel for Fantasy Football

With a major update to a core part of our suite of draft tools, the new Cheat Sheet Creator makes it easier than ever to get your player rankings set up the way you want.

[7/23/2020] Cheat Sheet Creator: New Look and Feel for Fantasy Football

The Cheat Sheet Creator is a hugely important part of the Draft Wizard suite for fantasy football preparation. It is also one of the older, more mature tools that we've had out there. Still reliable, still cranking along... kind of like Frank Gore.

However, we decided this year that we wanted to give it an update. No disrespect to Mr. Gore – this was really a long overdue interface update that modernizes everything and makes it easier for you to create the perfect cheat sheet.

Let there be rankings!

First, we updated the cheat sheet creation screen:

We added easier ways to get things started. If you have synced leagues, you can select that league and we'll start you off with rankings tailored to your league's scoring settings.

Next, you can quickly specify which roster positions your league has set. You then can specify which rankings set you want to start with, as well as whether or not you want to import our default player tiers.

Tiers are where we try to break up groups of players into relative value, so it makes decision making during a draft a little bit easier. If you still see a Tier 1 player available while the draft has entered the second round, for instance, it's easy to spot and find that great value pick.

Get busy with customizing: Drag, drop, insert, tag, add notes

Here's where it gets really fun. With the complete overhaul of the Cheat Sheet Creator editing screen, you can now more easily drag and drop players into your preferred order. You can also click the "Move" button to reposition a player without dragging and dropping.

Additionally, you can easily drag and drop tiers or insert them with a click.

Player tag functionality remains the same, with our standard Target/Sleeper/Avoid tags. Premium users can add in custom tags and colors for use and identification in Draft Wizard. You can filter players by tag as well to quickly sort and remove tags as you see fit.

Expert notes can also be imported from your favorite experts, and adding your own notes is as easy as ever.

You also get expanded and condensed views. Condensing the views eliminates the player pictures so you can see more players on the screen at once.

Condensed view puts more info on your screen at once

The best part about this is all of your edits are automatically saved. If you are familiar with the previous incarnation of the Cheat Sheet Creator, you'd recall having to save changes before leaving the screen, and it was very easy to accidentally leave without having those updates saved.

As always, you have the ability to export your rankings in CSV format or print them out to take to your offline, no computers allowed draft.

We hope you like the update to the Cheat Sheet Creator as you prepare for your fantasy football drafts. Try it out and let us know what you think.