[9/30/2019] My Leagues 2.0: Sync and Access Leagues Easier Than Ever Before

Syncing, managing, and accessing powerful tools for your leagues has never been easier.

[9/30/2019] My Leagues 2.0: Sync and Access Leagues Easier Than Ever Before

Syncing (aka importing) and managing multiple fantasy leagues has always been one of the key benefits of our draft and in-season tools. The league sync process clearly works (based on the millions of leagues synced every year), but it could've used some extra loving care, along with general league management.

So, our team has diligently worked over the last few months to update this process to provide you with a smoother, enhanced flow. We're calling it My Leagues 2.0.

With this latest update, we have:

  • Added a completely new league sync flow (now easier than ever!);
  • Allows you to sync multiple leagues at once, so you don't have to go through the sync process over and over again;
  • Quickly access your leagues and league tools from anywhere on the site;
  • Enhanced our league management tools so you can quickly add, delete, and re-order the leagues you've synced.

This streamlines your experience across both desktop and mobile web, with continued support for all of your favorite league hosts.

Access Leagues and Tools Everywhere

With My Leagues 2.0, all of your leagues are easily accessible via a dropdown menu in the upper right corner of desktop and mobile web screens through the profile icon.

You'll get a menu that lists every single fantasy league that you've synced onto the FantasyPros.com platform. This includes football, baseball, and basketball leagues.

You'll also be able to access Draft Wizard or My Playbook based on the time of year and the status of your league. For instance, if one of your fantasy football leagues hasn't drafted yet, you'll see a link to Draft Wizard so you can run mock drafts and access the Draft Assistant.  

Everything in its right place.

League Syncs: Smooth Like Butter (Not On Pizza)

The new league sync process has been seriously enhanced. With existing support retained for all current league hosts, you can now also import multiple teams from the same host in one shot.

No more having to go through the league sync process for each individual league. If we detect that you have multiple leagues on one site, you can select which ones to import once you've authorized access.

As always, we never keep any of your private account information – it's used just this one time to authorize access.

Gotta import 'em all.

Updated My Leagues Screen: Easier Management Across All Sports

All of your leagues, across all sports, are now accessible via one screen. This lets you quickly add new leagues, delete leagues, and – a very frequently requested feature – reorder leagues via drag and drop.

Reordering your leagues will impact all tools and platforms (i.e. mobile apps). This way you can put your most important/big money leagues at the top, and your, uh, "family-fun-league-where-sister-drafted-Brady-in-the-first-round" at the bottom.

You can also set supported leagues to run on Auto-pilot (learn more about that here), as well as quickly access draft/in-season tools, league settings, and more.

As always, we're constantly looking for ways to improve your experience and reduce frustration when pursuing global fantasy league dominance. Many of these updates were driven by feedback from you. If you have anything you'd like to see, please contact us via our Customer Support portal and we'll get back to you. Seriously, we want to hear from you!

Give the new My Leagues 2.0 a spin today.