[1/12/2022] The 2021 Perfect Draft Challenge is Here!

It's back! Go back in time and see if you can draft the highest scoring team in 2021. Compare your scores with the FantasyPros community, compete for the top spot in the Perfect Draft Leaderboard, and win prizes thanks to Prize Picks!

[1/12/2022] The 2021 Perfect Draft Challenge is Here!

Well, the 2021 fantasy football season has come to an end. Some of you fared well and carried home a championship – others sat on the sidelines and watched the playoffs from afar.

With the conclusion of every season, and the benefit of hindsight, everyone gets to (almost literally) play armchair quarterback and go through their litany of "woulda coulda shoulda" situations:

  • "If only I would've drafted Cooper Kupp over Robert Woods" (me in every league).
  • "I could've drafted both Deebo Samuel and Ja'Marr Chase."
  • "I should've trusted my gut and went with Jonathan Taylor in the first round over CMC."

If you had a chance to go back in time, and draft again knowing what you know now, who would you pick to build the ultimate 2021 roster? And when would you pick them?

Our Perfect Draft Challenge is back for the third year in a row to give you the opportunity to put on those hindsight spectacles and draft the best fantasy football team possible for 2021.

The Perfect Draft Challenge sorts players by 2021 average ADP and for each pick you'll be on the clock for 60 seconds, so it will look and feel very similar to what your draft was like before your season-long domination/everything fell apart.

You know who all the breakout stars and busts are, but do you know when to draft the best players, and how to construct the best possible roster with your picks?

And this year, our partner, Prize Picks, will be offering up some nice winnings to those at the top of the leaderboard, with over $1,000 in credits being awarded to the top 500 results, if you play by January 27th! You'll have to sign-up for an account at PrizePicks.com using your FantasyPros.com e-mail address (use code PERFECT for a 100% deposit match) in order to qualify.

Mark Andrews was the best TE in 2021 — is he considered a lock as a second round pick? Will you be targeting the RB or WR position more with your early picks? Are you willing to reach for a player that outperformed their ADP like Ja'Marr Chase a couple of rounds earlier to ensure you have him on your team, or do you take a risk and wait it out?

After drafting, you can view your analysis and see how you scored, what your weekly lineups look like, and get feedback to see where you can improve.

Scoring Rules and League Settings

Scoring is calculated in the best ball format. In other words, we calculate the fantasy points generated by your team based on the optimal lineup for each week. So, a player on your bench will be in your lineup if they outperform a "starter" that week. We add the total weekly points for weeks 1 - 16, and that's your score.

You'll be drafting as if you're in a 12 team Half PPR league with a roster consisting of: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLX, 1 DST and 6 bench spots. You can pick your draft slot from 1st through 12th.

Rise To The Top and Become A Perfect Draft Master

Compare your Perfect Draft scores against the FantasyPros community, and see how you stack up against the competition in our two leaderboards.

The first leaderboard shows the highest overall scores, which can be filtered by individual draft slots from 1st through 12th.

The second leaderboard is the Masters Leaderboard. In order to qualify for the Masters Leaderboard, you must complete a draft from each of the 12 draft slots. Your Masters score is the sum total of your best score from each completed draft slot.

You can draft as many times as you like, so feel free to keep drafting at different draft slots, and experiment with new strategies to see if you can come up with the gameplan to build the perfect superteam.

Don't forget, thanks to Prize Pricks, over $1,000 in credits being awarded to the top 500 Perfect Draft results. You'll have to sign-up for an account at PrizePicks.com using your FantasyPros.com e-mail address (use code PERFECT for a 100% deposit match) in order to qualify.

Try out the Perfect Draft Challenge today, and test your friends' knowledge of the 2020 fantasy football season by sharing the challenge & your results on social media with the hashtag #PerfectDraft.

Check out our experts taking on the Perfect Draft Challenge: