[3/25/2022] BettingPros Update: Sync Your Sportsbooks Directly

BettingPros allows you to sync sportsbooks directly to create a seamless betting experience. Monitor your bets in the same place you view your betting information.

BettingPros is excited to announce we have launched automated bet tracking, a service where you can sync your sportsbook directly into BettingPros to create a seamless betting experience.

BettingPros has already been your go-to source for matchup information, Odds, Futures, Prop bets, and more, and now you can track all of this information side-by-side with your own wagers from your favorite sportsbooks.

In addition to using BettingPros units to test your betting skills and compete in our accuracy competition, you can now use BettingPros to begin syncing your sportsbooks directly. Use our consolidated Consensus Odds and Line History to gather information across the top sportsbooks, then check how that compares to your own betting options.

Simply head to BettingPros to begin, and follow these steps:

  1. Begin a sync by accessing the “Manage Sportsbooks” page via your “My Account” page or by clicking on the “Sync with Sportsbooks” button at the bottom of the “My Picks” module.
Sync Pick tracking preview image - step one

2. From the “Manage Sportsbooks” page, click on the “Connect a Sportsbook” button to begin the connect flow. You can also view and manage connected books from this page.

Sync Pick tracking preview image - step two

3. Select a state and a sportsbook, then login to the sportsbook to connect that book to your account.

Sync Pick tracking preview image - step three

Bet tracking is also available within the BettingPros apps found on iOS and Android devices.

**This post has been updated on 6/20/2022.